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My Unique Engraved Wooden Memorial plaques are a way to commemorate the life of a loved one. They provide a focal point of remembrance which serves as an attractive temporary or permanent memory of a loved one.

Knowing that after the interment it may take up to six months or more for the ground to become stable enough to take a heavy granite or marble headstone.
I can promise a high quality fast turn-around time for your plaque, which can then be placed immediately.

The Memorial Plaques shown are examples only to give you an idea of the options available.
Your plaque can be engraved with designs and wording to your own personal requirements.

As soon as you contact me with your requirements I can begin the easy process to
make your memorial plaque exactly the way you want it to look, and to be as special and unique as your loved one.

In most cases your plaque can be produced and delivered to you Within 7 days.

often than not, it’s even sooner,

 dependant on the amount of customisation required.

I promise to take the time and effort to ensure your memorial plaque is completed exactly to your wishes right down to the very last detail. Throughout the easy order process demo images of your memorial plaque are e-mailed to you for verification before the unique final piece is produced.

All Plaques and Crosses can be made to any size and shape,using Oak or other various Hardwoods of your choice.
Let me take your own choice of Design / Artwork, Memorial Verse, special message to a loved one,
and turn it into a truly unique personalised Memorial.

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Mobile : 07927536940
For more information please, e-mail or call me, all enquiries are welcome.
I will be more than happy to help you.
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Yours Sincerely Brian